Your Top 5 Pinterest Questions Answered

Your Top 5 Pinterest Questions Answered

What is Pinterest, exactly?

The latest platform to pick up considerable clout is Pinterest. It is a social scrapbooking site that allows users to create collages called “boards” of items that they find throughout the web, and organize them by topic. Like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a community-based platform.

How does Pinterest work?

Currently, Pinterest is by invitation only. Once you receive an invitation, you can then get started by installing the Pinterest plugin to your internet browser. This is what allows you to capture content from other sites and save them to a Pinterest “board.” Since you are able to organize your collages by topics of your choice, you can have as many boards as you like. Pinterest is highly visual and picture-based, with the ability to write comments, like, and re-post images from other users.

How do people commonly use Pinterest?

Though users have the ability to set boards as “private”, mainly boards are public, meaning they can be viewed by other Pinterest users. Users commonly create boards around categories like art, design, fashion, and architecture. However, more specific topics are often created; for example, a board might be entitled “Warm Weather Travel Necessities” or “Living Room Re-Design”. Here, a few boards created by users that are worth checking out if you’re already on Pinterest:

“Art & Travel Journals” by Abby Adams, “Fashion Love” by Paperfashion, “For the Home” by Carol Althaller.

What is the Opportunity for Fashion Brands?

With upwards of 11 million weekly views reported in December, the numbers alone represent a strong case for brands to participate. The highly visual layout and editorial nature of creating a board makes Pinterest a good fit for fashion.

In the overall trend of brands to become media publishers, Pinterest represents a unique opportunity in that it is a tool to create new brand content, a platform to broadcast that content on, and a community with which to interact.

As Mashable so acutely pointed out, it is frowned upon for Pinterest users to be promotional. However, the functionality is in place to click through to purchase, providing a clear monetization strategy for users.

First and foremost, brands understand that this platform is a destination and a community, rooted in exploration, discovery, inspiration and sharing. The value of Pinterest is not just in the ability to reach a sizable audience, but to contribute to the community and build more meaningful relationships by creating and curating images through the lens of the brand.

Who is on Pinterest?

While some of the most interesting pinners of late are individuals, fashion brands on the platform include Michael Kors, Gap, Oscar de la Renta, Bergdorf Goodman, Kate Spade, Gap and Peter Som.

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