About Us

Eco Fasion Latam is a resource focusing on the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the fashion and luxury industries online.

Divided into marketing and style insights, Eco Fasion Latam covers both the pragmatic business opportunities, as well as the fascinating stories of the brands behind them.

Marketing Insights

Essentially a platform in idea exchange, Fashion’s Collective is meant to spark thoughts, inspirations and dialogue on the possibilities within the digital landscape for luxury brand marketers.

An accomplished group of curators offer the insight needed to guide luxury brands in their mission to evolve and innovate online while remaining true to their unique brand heritage.

Style Insights

In working extensively with the world’s leading luxury brands, the curators come to understand the intricacies of each brand’s legacy. With this legacy are the unique brand stories that intrigue, inspire and captivate the luxury consumer.

Style Insights is meant to share in the inspirations we have uncovered throughout our exploration of the industry.