A Look At the Industry’s Top Bloggers & How to Reach Them

A Look At the Industry’s Top Bloggers & How to Reach Them

In just a few short years, we’ve watched as the digital space has dramatically changed the face of fashion. The immediacy of information has played a huge part in this democratization of our industry, and it has been fashion bloggers that have been at the forefront of this change. For the first time, we’ve had the opportunity to hear directly from the target consumer in a most intimate and visual way. Today, we value the opinion and perspective of bloggers as much as we value the views of traditional fashion journalists. And in an effort to play effectively in the digital space, luxury brands have successfully teamed up with bloggers to cultivate incredible content, product and awareness. As fashion bloggers have quickly become a staple in brand partnerships, new and exciting avenues are being explored to establish long lasting relationships with the new voices of fashion.

Although bloggers have quickly become a buzzword and commodity in the fashion space, there are quite a few important details that brand marketers need to consider when collaborating with them. During the FashionForward Digital Conference last week, we had the opportunity to hear from two of the industry’s most prolific bloggers, along with the agency that is carving a unique path to how brands can reach them.

Alex Weiss and Carol Han, partners in the digital agency, CA Creative, led the insightful conversation on brand-blogger relationships. The two ladies have not only worked with an impressive list of fashion and luxury clients, but have also revolutionized brand conversation with audiences that are begging to participate. Fashion’s most sought after style bloggers in the blogosphere, Yvan Rodic, the Facehunter and Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller, offered incredible vision and added a whole lot of personality to the conversation.

Top 4 Take Aways from the Blogger Panel at Fashion Forward:

  • Understand Who You Are Approaching

Bloggers are constantly being inundated with new opportunities, from collaborating on a product post to posing or shooting ad campaigns. You have to be as educated on a blogger’s voice, audience and content as much as you would want them to be aware of your brand. If collaboration doesn’t make sense for their brand, a blogger most likely would not compromise their authenticity and voice for it.

  • Acknowledge the Value of a Blogger

The key to a successful brand-blogger relationship is the understanding that both parties are bringing something to the table. It should be no question; fashion bloggers should be treated like the valuable assets they are to the brands that seek them out. Bloggers want to see successful outcomes for the brands with which they work.

  • Gifting is Nice, but It Doesn’t Pay the Bills

Gifting is wonderful. It’s lovely, really. But the bottom line is: gifts don’t pay a full-time blogger’s bills and certainly should not be considered compensation for a project or collaboration. If you respect a blogger enough to approach them, you should be willing to compensate a blogger for the skill set and unique perspective that they bring to a project.

  • Bloggers are Reaching Out, Too.

The stark system of brands reaching out to bloggers and bloggers waiting to be courted is quickly dissolving.  Bloggers know what brands they want to work with and are equipped with distinct ideas. Be open; it may be just what your brand needs.


Photo Credits: Amy Seder photographs Leandra Medine, Yvan Rodic, Alex Weiss and Carol Han at FashionForward


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