Interview with Oceana Lott of Fashion Revolution USA

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April 24th is Fashion Revolution Day! To learn more about the campaign, we reached out to Oceana Lott, the Executive Director of Fashion Revolution’s USA Steering Committee. Lott is also an eco-blogger based in California, and her writings on ethical fashion and lifestyle can be found at Oceana Canvas10150572_708879165821913_567119399_n-2

What is Fashion Revolution? Fashion Revolution is a movement commemorating the one-year anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in which over 1100 people were killed making cheap clothing. Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th will be a global day of action in which thousands of people will wear a piece of clothing inside out and demand an answer to the question: “who made your clothes?” What do you and the rest of the Fashion Revolution team hope to accomplish? It would be great if the major brands like Gap and Walmart actually did something substantive to change the way they produce clothing. We also have the goal of changing the way consumers purchase clothing, from simply looking for the least expensive to choosing well-made clothing that may cost more but is produced by people who were paid a fair living wage for their craftsmanship. What’s your vision for the fashion industry? That there will be no more distinctions about what is sustainable, eco, or ethically made. All clothing should be ethically and sustainably made, and we hope that soon there will no longer be a need for labels.

How can Eco Fashion Latam members and readers get involved? On April 24th turn one piece of clothing inside out and wear it all day. Throughout the day, ask people if they know who made their clothes. Ask that same question of your favorite brands – be curious, find out, and then send an email demanding that their clothes be made with ethical standards that match your own. Also don’t forget to post a picture of your #insideout outfit and use the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Help us reach our goal of over 100,000 people worldwide trending #insideout. The world will take notice and real change will follow.10150572_708879165821913_567119399_n-2

Anything else we should know about the campaign? April 24th is not the end of the campaign! Hopefully it is the beginning of a substantial conversation among consumers and brands about how clothing should be made and sold. Thank you, Oceana, for sharing more about Fashion Revolution with us! Eco Fashion Latam hopes you will participate in this campaign, and help us answer the question: who made your clothes?

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